How to Reset an NEC Projector Lamp Without a Remote

How to Reset an NEC Projector Lamp Without a Remote

Using NEC projectors for daily tasks at home or at your workplace brings you both quality and innovation whether you use them for entertainment purposes or professional work, NEC projectors are known for their high-quality results and are easier to operate compared to other types of projectors. But you shouldn’t forget the maintenance your projector requires with the convenience it brings to your daily life. 

To avoid any serious malfunction, it is important to take care of your projector, clean it and protect it from overheating. If you’ve been using the projector for a while now, it comes as no surprise that you have to reset the projector lamp at some point. NEC projectors have limited lamp hours and are pricey to change, so it’s better to reset the lamp timer inside your projector until you have to get a new one.

You should know when to reset your lamp timer or change it. If your projector status light is red or green, or if the lamp fails to function and produces poor coloration, it could be your projector indicating that it’s overheating and needs to cool down or needs to be cleaned, or that the projector’s lamp needs to be changed. 

If you’re too late to change the lamp and the timer runs out, the projector shuts down and you can only turn it on and reset the timer with a remote, and it’ll be an issue if you don’t have a remote. Many people find it difficult to reset their NEC projector lamps, especially without a remote. Resetting the projector lamp timer manually is a little tricky, but not impossible, these simple steps will help you in resetting yours.

How to Reset an NEC Projector Lamp Without a Remote

Step 1: Turn your NEC projector on

Make sure your NEC projector is plugged in before attempting to reset the lamp timer, the device should be powered on and on standby mode. Turn the projector on by pressing the Power button. Let the projector warm up a little and put it on standby mode before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Open up the main menu

Locate the Menu or On-Screen Display button, the OSD button allows you to turn on/off your projector manually and gives you access to the internal menu of your projector. It will open up your main menu, you might find these in different locations depending on the kind of NEC projector you’re using. The button is mostly located under or beside the Volume, Menu, or Source buttons. 

Step 3: Find the default option 

Scroll through the menu options till you find the default option, and press enter to select it. This will take you to the default settings of the projector where you can make the adjustments you want.

Step 3: Clear the lamp’s usage hours

A sub-menu will appear after you select Default, by using the Select button, find the Clear Lamp Hours option, and press enter. The projector might require you to confirm the reset, select the OK dialogue box and your lamp’s hours’ usage counter will be reset

Step 4: Wait for confirmation

The lamp indicator will automatically turn off once your lamp’s been reset, and you will see a confirmation message appear on your screen saying “Reset successful”. Take the required time to reset the lamp properly and check the indicator to make sure your projector gives the best results.

Step 5: Turn the projector off

Power off your projector by using the Power button, and if you can, choose “System Menu/Power Off” from the main menu screen by pressing the Menu button so the changes you’ve made are saved. If this option isn’t available, consult the user manual of your projector for more information.


Resetting your NEC projector’s lamp without a remote might seem like a daunting task, but you can get your projector back to functioning properly easily by following these steps. Keep in mind that not all NEC projectors show you the same options, some models have the same options in different locations. Make sure your projector is not overheated when you’re resetting the lamp timer. It’s important to know when to reset your projector’s lamp timer, NEC projectors come with indicators that let you know for how long you can use it before it needs to be replaced, so you can replace it before it starts malfunctioning. You can check the lamp timer either by going to the menu and selecting the information option or by pressing the Power button for a few seconds until the projector displays the lamp hours on the screen. Resetting a lamp timer only lasts till the next time the lamp fails to function or burns out, keep track of the projector’s lamp life and make sure you replace it when it’s needed. Resetting the lamp timer is necessary if you replace the lamp with a new one because the previous lamp’s hours are automatically recorded by the timer and the projector lamp doesn’t come off until the timer runs out.

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