Does a Projector use A Lot Of Electricity?

Does a Projector use A Lot Of Electricity

Projectors are essential devices for businesses, schools, and even homes. They are used to project images, videos, and presentations on a larger screen for better visibility. However, one concern that most people have is whether a projector uses a lot of Electricity. In this article, we will highlight the power consumption of projectors and guide you in detail on whether projectors are energy-efficient devices.

Does a Projector use A Lot Of Electricity?

Projectors can be a great tool to present information effectively and conveniently, but the Electricity they consume should be noticed. You might ask How much power does a projector use? Well, depending on model, type, and usage, the average projectors use power of 50 watts up to 800 watts per hour, with an average of around 250 watts.

Factors such as brightness, resolution, and lamp life influence this number greatly – Higher resolutions lead to increased numbers, while a longer lifespan reduces it accordingly!

Energy Efficient Projectors

Modern projectors are designed to save energy while still producing stunning visuals. Manufacturers utilize LED or laser technology rather than the traditional lamp, enabling them to consume significantly less Electricity and last longer over time. Additionally, some models come equipped with an eco-mode– perfect for situations where high brightness isn’t needed; think dark boardrooms!

This mode further reduces electricity usage by automatically adjusting the device’s brightness level. Now you can enjoy quality images without sacrificing your bills!

Factors That Affect Power Consumption

Multiple factors can affect the power consumption of a projector. Some of these include:


Projectors with higher brightness levels use more electricity than those with lower brightness levels.


Projectors with higher resolutions consume more electricity than those with lower resolutions.

Lamp Life

Projectors with longer lamp lives consume less electricity than those with shorter lamps.

Projection Distance

Projectors consumes more amount of power when farther away from the screen than those set closer.

Cooling System

Projectors with efficient cooling systems consume less electricity than inefficient ones.


A projector’s time will also affect its power consumption.

Tips To Reduce Power Consumption

Here are some tips to reduce the power consumption of your projector:

Use An Energy-Efficient Projector

When purchasing a projector, look for an energy-efficient one with a low wattage rating.

Use The Eco Mode

Most projectors have an Eco mode, which can significantly reduce power consumption.

Reduce Brightness

If you do not need a high brightness level, reduce the brightness of your projector to reduce much power usage.

Use A Shorter Projection Distance

Place your projector closer to the projector screen to reduce power consumption.

Turn Off When Not In Use

When not in use, turn off your projector to save electricity.

How To Protect A Projector From Power Surges?

Power surges can risk the health of your projector’s lamp and other components. You can take the following steps to protect your projector from power surges.

Use A Surge Protector

For peace of mind when powering your projector, consider investing in a surge protector. It guards against voltage spikes and outages by redirecting any excess energy away from the device to protect it from harm and extend its lifespan. Be sure to purchase one with enough joules rated for your projector’s power consumption so you can enjoy reliable protection while confidently running high-powered projection equipment.

Unplug The Projector During Storms

It’s always wise to play it safe and unplug your projector during extreme weather conditions. Not only can surge, protectors, provide a certain degree of protection, but lightning strikes or power fluctuations pose an even greater risk that they may not be able to withstand – leading to potentially costly damage to the device itself if left plugged in. To avoid any potential surprises, simply take 30 seconds to disconnect it from its wall socket when you’re done running presentations!

Check Your Power Outlets

To keep your projector safe from power surges, plug it into a grounded outlet. You can quickly check if an outlet is up to code with an inexpensive continuity tester available at any hardware store.

Avoid Overloading Outlets

Don’t overload your outlets – protect your projector from harmful power surges using a high-quality surge protector! A multi-plug adapter perfectly connects multiple devices to one outlet, safely protecting them against electrical overloading.

Best Projectors In Terms Of Electricity Consumption

Looking to light up your presentations with an energy efficient projector? You’ll want to consider several factors, like brightness and types of lighting sources. Fortunately, many projectors boast a high Energy Star rating for minimal electricity consumption. Here, we present some excellent options worth considering!

Optoma HD28HDR

This LED projector boasts incredibly crisp, vibrant visuals with its high-quality display and Energy Star rating. It’s the perfect balance of performance and efficiency for home or office use, utilising an LED light source that saves on energy costs while providing a reliable output quality.


The BenQ MH535FHD is a high-quality projector with a bright, Full HD display and an Energy Star rating. It uses a traditional lamp as its light source but is designed to be energy-efficient and uses less electricity than other projectors in its class.

ViewSonic PX747-4K

The ViewSonic PX747-4K projector is the perfect blend of quality and efficiency. It boasts a stunningly bright 4K display and has an Energy Star rating for reduced energy consumption with its LED light source. Additionally, this device makes connections to other devices simple via its various connectivity options – giving you high performance without sacrificing power savings!

LG CineBeam PH550

The LG CineBeam PH550 is the ideal blend of portability and a bright, high-quality display. This projector packs a punch with its LED light source and Energy Star rating – it uses much less Electricity than other models in its class! Moreover, this device is lightweight for superior convenience when taken along on your travels. This is also known as a laser projector.


Savvy businesses, schools, and households know that energy efficient projectors can save money on electricity bills without sacrificing the benefits of a great projector. By investing in an eco model or reducing brightness, you can enjoy your chosen device while doing some good for the planet too! Make sure you factor such features into your purchasing decisions if sustainability matters. 

It is also worth noting that the electricity consumption of a projector is calculated in hourly electricity usage not monthly electricity use.

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